Introduction of voice technology to improve accuracy

Introduction of voice technology to improve accuracy



Mark, Matt and Jason ready to pick using voice

Visitors to Dunsters Farm can now find our Picking team busy walking around talking to themselves. The reason for this is that starting in April this year, our picking operation moved to the latest Voice Directed System. Wearing a wireless headset and microphone, the pickers are directed to each stock location in the warehouse to pick your order.

There are many benefits to using the latest voice technology:

  • Reduction in picking errors
  • Elimination of paper pick lists
  • Faster order picking
  • Simple to use system

Tom Curtin, Projects Manager explains the impact of this new technology;

Within days of the Voice technology going live, we saw a significant improvement in pick accuracy, resulting in lots of happy customers. We are now planning the implementation of voice technology throughout our warehouse from goods in to guided put away and replenishment.

If you would like to arrange a site visit to learn more about how your order is processed and picked, please call Hannah Barlow on 0161 763 7900 to book a depot tour.