National Curry Week: How to host the perfect Taste of India Theme Day

National Curry Week: How to host the perfect Taste of India Theme Day

Lately, it seems like there is a day for EVERYTHING. Every year the UK dedicates days, weeks or even months to celebrating or raising awareness for different foods and drinks. Celebrating everything from Yorkshire puddings to fish and chips, should you get involved in celebrating the nation’s favourite foods? Which food is the nation celebrating next? It’s none other than the nation’s favourite: curry!

Running since 1998, Kingfisher Beer is re-launching the 20th annual National Curry Week. This year, taking place from the 22nd to the 28th October 2018, you have the chance to get involved.

As a food provider should you get involved? If so, how? Keep reading to see our 4 tips on hosting a Taste of India themed day. But first, let’s look at 3 reasons why you should take part.

Why you should you take part?
In order to decide whether you should take part, it’s important to know why the nation dedicates a whole week to this delicious cuisine. According to the official National Curry Week’s website, this celebration has three aims:

1) Honour the nation’s favourite cuisine
It’s not too difficult to see why it’s the nation’s favourite. First and foremost, you don’t need to be a Michelin star chef to make a delicious dish. By simply throwing some ingredients and spices together in one pot, curry is quick, easy and able to feed the whole family, making it a great weekday option or perfect for feeding large groups of people.

It’s also one of the most adaptable dishes out there. By swapping just a few ingredients you can adapt to different taste preferences and dietary requirements without compromising on flavour and authenticity. You’re in complete control.

2) Celebrate the Indian restaurant industry
According to an article published by, the first Indian restaurant in the UK was opened in 1809. Since then the popularity of Indian cuisine has increased so much that it is now reported that London has more Indian restaurants than Mumbai! Taking part in this national celebration of Indian cuisine not only shows support for the industry but
also celebrates Britain’s diverse culture. And now for the most important reason of all…

3) Raise money for the poverty-stricken
According to the official National Curry Week’s website, 12.5% of the population will go to sleep hungry tonight. Curry for a Change, the national curry week’s official charity, has accomplished many great things over the years. To date, over 16,500 families suffering from hunger have been supported by this fantastic cause.

Did you know, £110 pounds can support a group of women in India to set up small businesses that will boost their family income? It’s plain to see, the cause behind this celebration is much greater than the food itself.

Now you’ve decided to get involved, let’s see how you can host the perfect Taste of India themed day by following our 4 suggestions below.

4 tips to hosting a Taste of India themed day

Balti curry

1) Plan, plan, plan!
Grab a pad and pen and start brainstorming. In order to pull it off, there is much more than just food and drink to think about. When will you host it? Who will take part? Will people dress up? What kind of decorations will you use? Will you plan any special activities for the day? For schools, perhaps you could incorporate the history of Indian culture and cuisine into your lessons for the day. You have a great opportunity to provide a fun yet educational experience and promote cultural awareness and tolerance amongst your pupils. It’s an opportunity not to be missed!


chicken tikka

2) The most important part – Curry!
What will your cooks rustle up for the occasion? For a quick yet authentic option, why not try Dunsters Farm’s range of sauces by Chef Speciality? With every sauce from a mild korma to a fiery madras, you are sure to find something to suit everyone’s taste preferences and dietary requirements. Prefer to make your curries from scratch? Dunsters Farm have all the ingredients you need! The Triple Lion range includes everything from bay leaves, whole cardamon pods and fennel seeds. They also stock all the spices you need such as chilli powder, curry powder, cumin powder, garam masala and many more. Also stocking high-quality meats, tomato pastes and samosas, visit Dunsters Farm for your one-stop curry shop!

3) Raising money for charity
So how can you raise money for this for this great cause? Remember every little helps. How about donating a percentage of school dinner money for the day? You could even sell extra snacks at break times for a small fee such as the tasty Triple Lion’s popadoms and mango chutney. You could even make a mango lassi using Dunsters Farm’s very own natural yoghurt. The possibilities are endless!

4) Build anticipation
The nation celebrates this cuisine for one whole week which is good news for schools, this means that you have 5 opportunities to host your Indian themed day! Once you’ve decided on a date be sure that everyone knows. Build up anticipation for the day. Perhaps you could publish it in your weekly newsletter outlining the events for the day, who will be taking part and how. Put up posters in your corridors. Also, don’t forget to ask your teachers to remind students. There’s only one week to go!

And there you have it! Whether at school or in the workplace, the perfect recipe for hosting a Taste of India themed day!