iPRO’s Healthy Hydration Drinks Range Now Available to Confex Members Through Dunsters Farm

iPRO’s Healthy Hydration Drinks Range Now Available to Confex Members Through Dunsters Farm

 After a successful long-term partnership between family run wholesaler; Dunsters Farm and hydration experts; iPRO, the two companies are furthering their collaboration by offering Confex Members the opportunity to purchase iPRO’s entire range of healthy compliant hydration drinks.

All three iPRO ranges will be available to Confex Member which include:

iPRO Hydrate – Sport Edition & NEW iPRO Hydrate – Wellness Edition

Available in four refreshing flavours; Berry Mix, Orange and Pineapple, Citrus Blend and Mango

iPRO Hydrate – Student Edition

The brands school compliant range with no added sugar and available in three flavours; Berry Mix, Mango and new for September 2020 – Sour Cherry.

NEW to the market, iPRO Hydrate – Wellness Edition, retains the delicious refreshing taste of the renowned Sport Edition, sweetened by the Stevia plant, containing added vitamins and zero artificial flavours or colours. The new white packaging of the Wellness Edition has been created to stimulate an emotional response by the consumer, a response associated with health, positivity, cleanliness, sincerity, perfection and integrity – the core values which underpin the foundations of the iPRO business.

The demand for low-sugar, functional and nutritional drinks is continuing to rise, and It is evident that consumers are becoming more responsive to the ingredients on the back of pack, looking for a healthier way to stay hydrated.

The Company’s product range appeals to consumers who take a serious interest in the products they consume, avoiding products containing high levels of sugar and artificial ingredients which are often found within the mainstream soft drinks market.

“Since COVID-19 hit the world, concerns around immunity, health and wellbeing are at the forefront of consumers’ minds, hugely influencing their buying decisions, and the iPRO Hydrate range of drinks offers the perfect solution to these ever-increasing consumer demands” – said Sophie Christy – Commercial Director for iPRO Hydrate

“We are thrilled to have extended our partnership with Dunsters Farm Foodservice, to provide Confex members with the opportunity to purchase the iPRO Hydrate range of healthy hydration drinks and to access brand support to aid sales growth across their network of customers.”

“We look forward to further developing our working partnership with Dunsters Farm Foodservice and Confex to continue our shared mission of promoting health and wellness across the nation.”

Norman Bannister, Dunsters Farm Commercial Manager commented:

“We are looking forward to working in collaboration as the Official iPRO Distributor

of Health and Wellness Drinks to the varying customer sectors through the Confex group.”

Confex Marketing and HR Director, Jess Douglas adds:

“Through collaboration with Confex Member Dunsters Farm, we are delighted to be able to now offer all Members the iPRO Hydrate range of healthy hydration drinks. With immunity, health and wellbeing at the forefront of consumers’ minds in 2020, we feel this is an excellent product range to add to the current soft drinks category available to all Confex Members at competitive prices.”

To find out more about the range, speak to Dunsters Farm Sales Team on 0161 763 7900 or search ‘iPRO’ in your next wholesale order.