Annual Customer Survey

Annual Customer Survey

In August 2021, Dunsters Farm launched its first ever annual customer survey, asking for feedback on various elements of our customer experience including deliveries & customer service. As well as asking for input on our future plans, and what would add value to customers.

We received responses from over 10% of our customer base, which gave us a great indication of how we’re doing, as well as a great mix of different sized businesses, with almost half coming from organisations with 100 employees or more.

The results have been collated and we couldn’t be happier with the feedback, some of the key results are listed below. This feedback is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication, especially during the past 2 years, which has been some of the most difficult in the wholesale sector.

We also received some great constructive feedback in terms of areas of progression and development, and will be working hard to ensure we make positive changes in the areas that matter to our customers most!

Thank you to all of those who participated, and to our team – who continue to make us proud!

– 91% of the customers asked, said they were likely to recommend us to colleagues/friends

– Of those survey, 93% said they were satisfied, or very satisfied with our service.

– Product quality and customer service was generally positively reflected in our responses, with 95% rating our products as good or very good quality.

Click on our infographic below to see more about how we’re doing!