Get Your Breakfast Orders Wrapped Up!

Get Your Breakfast Orders Wrapped Up!

Looking for fresh options to add to your Breakfast Menu – Why not swap out your usual sausage sandwiches for a breakfast burrito, super easy to prepare in large quantities, cheap to make for catering, and loads of options to cater for all your students or customers.

## Suitable options for vegetarian and vegans too! ##


-Cherry Tomatoes (Dunsters Product code: CTOM)
– Tortilla Wraps (TORTILLA1)
– Bacon rashers (ST5)
– Red Onion (REDO)
– Avocado (AVO)
– Fresh Red Chillies
– Rocket (ROCKET)
– Soured Cream (SSC2)

  1. Begin by prepping all your chosen accompaniments; dice the tomatoes & red onion, slice avocado thickly, thinly slice your chilli and rinse your rocket
  2. Start with your base; warm all your tortillas up at once in the oven, simply stack the tortillas in a clean damp dish towel, in a casserole dish or similar, and cover the dish tightly with foil, PLace in the oven to warm for around 20 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, pour your eggs and milk into a pan, cook & stir until scrambled.
  4. Finally, fry off your bacon rashers and keep warm in tin foil.
  5. Serve ready to make up at your food counter, allowing customers option to choose tomatoes, chillies, avocado, bacon and onion – to add to their egg burrito.
  6. Finish with a delicious dollop of soured cream.