Cyber Essentials Accredited!

Cyber Essentials Accredited!

With increasing staff numbers, working at even more locations, cyber security has never been more important to our business. Over the past few months, our IT team have been working with external suppliers to ensure our systems, company data & customer information are protected.

Last month, we were awarded with the Cyber Essentials accreditation. The accreditation is one of a number of steps we’re taking to strengthen the cyber security of our business, including automated patching, two-factor authentication support, and bespoke online staff training via Usecure. Read on to learn a little more about what this accreditation actually means…

We’re Cyber Essentials Accredited – What it means?

Cyber Essentials is a United Kingdom certification scheme designed to show an organisation has attained a certain level of protection in the areas of cyber security.

Backed by the UK government and overseen by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). It encourages organisations to adopt good practice in information security. Cyber Essentials also includes an assurance framework and a simple set of security controls to protect information from threats coming from the internet.

In order for us to receive the award we have to ensure all our systems are kept up to date, they are configured securely to prevent malicious code being executed, and that our server and network are secure and are only accessible by those who have permission to access them.

What are the benefits? 
It gives us confidence that our systems, company data, and personal information are all being stored safely and securely, and that we are adopting the best cyber security practices – as approved by a national governing body.

A Cyber Essentials accreditation also shows customers and suppliers that we have taken the necessary steps to ensure their data will be safe and secure with us, which is becoming increasingly important in our sector, as the accreditation is also becoming a requirement for many government contracts.

Do your bit to keep our business Cyber Secure…

Whilst our IT team will continue to focus on robust policies and systems, to prevent a breach in our company data, all staff can help in their own individual way.

With help from our IT partners, Valetech, we’ve put together bespoke Usecure cyber training for all Dunsters Farm staff members. Ensure you’re up to date, by logging into your personal training portal – using the link below.No need to worry about passwords: You’ll get a single-use password to login